SanDisk Extreme 512GB UHS-I U3 microSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter

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  • The SanDisk Extreme 512GB UHS-I U3 microSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter is a high-performance and high-capacity storage solution designed to meet the demands of modern devices that require fast and reliable data storage. It is especially suitable for action cameras, drones, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that support microSDXC cards.

  • Key features of the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC Memory Card:

    1. Vast Storage Capacity: With a generous storage capacity of 512GB, this microSDXC card provides ample space to store large amounts of data, including high-resolution photos, 4K UHD videos, music, documents, and more. The large capacity allows you to capture and save memories without worrying about running out of space.

    2. High-Speed Performance: The memory card boasts UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) and Class 10 video recording ratings. This ensures that it can sustain high data transfer speeds, making it suitable for recording and playing back 4K UHD and Full HD videos without any lag or dropped frames.

    3. Fast Read and Write Speeds: The card offers fast read and write speeds, which are essential for quickly transferring files between the card and other devices. These speeds also contribute to smooth performance when accessing and loading files from the memory card.

    4. A2 App Performance Rating: The A2 rating means that the memory card is optimized for running mobile apps directly from the card. This feature is particularly useful for Android devices, as it allows for faster app loading and smoother app performance.

    5. Durable and Resilient: The SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card is built to withstand various environmental conditions. It is temperature-proof, waterproof, shockproof, and X-ray-proof, ensuring your data remains safe even in challenging situations.

    6. Included SD Adapter: The memory card comes with an SD adapter, which allows you to use the microSDXC card in devices that accept full-sized SD cards. This flexibility makes it compatible with a broader range of devices, such as cameras and laptops with SD card slots.

    7. Reliable Brand: SanDisk is a well-known and reputable brand in the memory storage industry. Their memory cards are known for their reliability and performance, making them a popular choice among consumers and professionals alike.

    8. SanDisk Memory Zone App: SanDisk offers the "SanDisk Memory Zone" app, which provides easy management of your files and data on the memory card. The app allows you to back up, organize, and access your files conveniently from your mobile device.

    Whether you're a photographer, videographer, or simply need additional storage for your devices, the SanDisk Extreme 512GB UHS-I U3 microSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter offers a dependable and high-speed solution to meet your data storage needs.

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