PNY Nvidia Quadro T400 4GB Graphics Card (GDDR6, 64bit, 384 CUDA Cores, DirectX 12, 3x mDP) With 3x mDP to DP adapters and High + Low-Profile Bracket (New)(Renewed)

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Enhance your PC workstation with the PNY Nvidia Quadro T400 4GB Graphics Card, a professional-grade solution designed for business and graphics professionals seeking optimal performance in a compact form factor. Featuring the cutting-edge Turing GPU architecture, this card boasts 384 CUDA cores and advanced shading technologies for unparalleled graphics rendering. With its high-performance GDDR6 memory and support for up to four 5K monitors, the Quadro T400 delivers exceptional visual clarity and productivity for CAD, DCC, financial services, and visualization tasks. Equipped with NVIDIA RTX Desktop Manager software and OpenGL Quad Buffered Stereo Support, this graphics card ensures a seamless and immersive user experience. Elevate your professional workflows with the power and reliability of the PNY Nvidia Quadro T400 Graphics Card.
  • This is a brand-new item that comes packaged in a plain box. Comes with 3x Mini DisplayPort Adapters and High and low-profile bracket.
  • Turing GPU Architecture: State-of-the-art 12nm FFN manufacturing process with 384 CUDA cores for efficient performance in a low-profile single-slot design.
  • Advanced Shading Technologies: Mesh shading technology provides up to 2x performance improvement, while the Advanced Streaming Multiprocessor Architecture enhances performance and simplifies programming.
  • High Performance GDDR6 Memory: Industry-leading memory subsystem with 4GB of frame buffer capacity and 80 GB/s of peak bandwidth for smooth handling of 2D and 3D images, models, and video editing workflows.
  • NVIDIA GPU BOOST 4.0: Automatically maximizes application performance without exceeding power and thermal limits, ensuring optimal performance under various workloads.
  • DisplayPort 1.4: Supports up to four 5K monitors at 60Hz and native displays with HDR color for 4K at 120Hz, offering unparalleled visual clarity and flexibility for multi-monitor setups.

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