Logitech Rally Bar Mini 4K UHD Conferencing Camera - 6 Beamforming Microphones, PTZ Camera, 3 Speakers, AI Viewfinder, 4X Digital Zoom, Teams, Zoom, Meet Rooms - 960-001340 (Graphite)(Renewed)

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Elevate your virtual collaborations with the Logitech Rally Bar Mini 4K UHD Conferencing Camera. With its immersive 4K resolution, adaptable from 1440p to SD, every meeting is infused with remarkable clarity tailored to any network condition. Take command of your meeting dynamics using the integrated PTZ camera, boasting a broad 120° diagonal field of view and a 4X HD digital zoom, ensuring everyone and everything is captured with precision. Clear communication is paramount, and the Rally Bar Mini excels with 6 beamforming microphones and 3 speakers, banishing background noise and delivering lifelike audio. The Logitech Rally Bar Mini 4K UHD Conferencing Camera brings versatility to the forefront with its array of certifications and compatibility. It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, Zoom Room, Tencent Meeting Rooms, and Google Meet, ensuring effortless collaboration across platforms. Whether you're entrenched in Microsoft Teams, utilizing Zoom's capabilities, engaging with Tencent Meeting Rooms, or opting for Google Meet's interface, this camera's compatibility empowers you to communicate effectively. Experience meetings without boundaries, where connectivity fosters innovation and productivity, courtesy of the Rally Bar Mini. Experience the power of AI with the Rally Bar Mini's intelligent AI Viewfinder, automatically optimizing camera framing to keep all participants perfectly centred, allowing you to focus on discussions and content. Beyond its technical prowess, this conferencing camera features a sleek design, cable management, and a versatile table stand for clutter-free setups. Seamlessly integrate into the CollabOS platform for intuitive control and enriched collaboration. Transform your virtual meetings into impactful collaborations by ordering the Logitech Rally Bar Mini 4K UHD Conferencing Camera today. Embrace the future of conferencing technology and experience the difference.
  • Dive into the world of ultra-high-definition meetings with the Logitech Rally Bar Mini 4K UHD Conferencing Camera. Experience the brilliance of 4K resolution, while the adaptive resolution options ranging from 1440p to SD ensure that every participant enjoys top-notch clarity, regardless of their network conditions. Elevate your virtual interactions with stunning visual fidelity that brings every detail to life.
  • The PTZ cameras expansive 120° diagonal field of view ensures that even the largest boardroom or collaboration space can be covered seamlessly. And with the 4X HD digital zoom, you have the power to zoom in on specific details or presenters, making sure that everyone's contributions are captured with striking precision. Whether you're delivering presentations, brainstorming, or strategizing, the Rally Bar Mini's dynamic PTZ capabilities guarantee visual excellence.
  • Effective communication is at the heart of successful meetings, and the Rally Bar Mini excels in this regard. Boasting an array of 6 advanced beamforming microphones, background noise is intelligently suppressed, allowing voices to emerge crisp and clear. Coupled with the power of three robust speakers, your conversations are delivered with lifelike accuracy. Transform your virtual gatherings into interactive conversations that feel as natural as being in the same room.
  • Embrace the future of conferencing with the Rally Bar Mini's AI Viewfinder. This intelligent feature automatically adjusts the camera's framing to ensure that all participants are optimally positioned within the frame. No more manual adjustments or interruptions to your flow—let the AI take care of the technical details while you focus on driving discussions, sharing insights, and fostering collaboration.
  • The Rally Bar Mini boasts an elegant design that seamlessly integrates into any workspace. Say goodbye to cable clutter with the built-in cable management and retention system. The included table stand offers versatile placement options, adapting to various room configurations. And with the Logitech CollabOS platform, managing meetings, controlling settings, and optimizing audio and video quality are just a few clicks away, enhancing the overall collaboration experience.

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