Logitech MeetUp 4K Ultra HD Camera for Conference Rooms, Black (Renewed)

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This pre-owned or refurbished product has been professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new. How a product becomes part of Amazon Renewed, your destination for pre-owned, refurbished products: A customer buys a new product and returns it or trades it in for a newer or different model. That product is inspected and tested to work and look like new by Amazon-qualified suppliers. Then, the product is sold as an Amazon Renewed product on Amazon. If not satisfied with the purchase, renewed products are eligible for replacement or refund under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.
  • The Logitech MeetUp sets a new standard for video quality with its remarkable 4K Ultra HD resolution. This cutting-edge feature ensures that every detail in the conference room is captured in stunning clarity. Whether you're sharing intricate visual presentations or engaging in face-to-face discussions, the 4K resolution guarantees that every participant, whether in the room or joining remotely, experiences a level of visual detail that enhances the overall meeting experience.
  • The versatility of the MeetUp is amplified by its PTZ capabilities, which stand for Pan, Tilt, and Zoom. This means you have complete control over the camera's field of view. You can pan to capture the entire room, tilt to focus on specific individuals or objects, and zoom in for a closer look when needed. This level of control ensures that you can adapt the camera's perspective to the dynamics of your meeting, guaranteeing that everyone and everything important is always within view.
  • The Logitech MeetUp features the innovative RightSight technology, which represents a significant leap forward in camera automation. RightSight is an intelligent system that automatically adjusts the camera's framing and zoom based on the position and number of people in the room. It ensures that participants are always in focus and within the frame, eliminating the need for manual camera adjustments.
  • Exceptional audio quality is a fundamental aspect of productive meetings, and the Logitech MeetUp delivers on this front with its RightSound technology. This advanced audio technology effectively filters out background noise, ensuring that voices are transmitted with crystal clarity. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth speaker enhances audio playback, making it effortless to hear remote participants or multimedia content.
  • The Logitech MeetUp isn't just a technological powerhouse; it's also designed to complement the aesthetics of modern conference rooms. Its sleek and sophisticated black finish adds a touch of elegance to any workspace. This attention to design ensures that the MeetUp seamlessly integrates into your conference room, enhancing the room's professional appearance.

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