Logitech CAT5E Kit For The TAP Video Conference Controller

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Integrate the Logitech CAT5E Kit seamlessly into your Logitech TAP video conferencing setup, enhancing connectivity, reliability, and international compatibility for an elevated meeting room collaboration experience. This comprehensive kit includes essential components such as the Logitech Tap Receiver, Dongle Transceiver, 100-240V Power Supply with International Adaptor Set, 2.97m Cat5e Cable, and a 7.0m Cat5e Cable. The kit also provides user-friendly documentation for hassle-free setup and utilization. The Logitech CAT5E Kit features a robust Cat5e SF/UTP AWG26 or higher cable type, ensuring optimal data transmission capabilities. The power supply is equipped with auto-switching functionality, accommodating global power standards, and comes with an international adaptor set for versatility. Designed specifically for Logitech Tap, the kit ensures compatibility with meeting room computers equipped with USB 2.0 ports or higher. This compatibility extends to both the Touch Controller and meeting room computers, offering a seamless integration experience. Whether your meeting room computer operates on Windows 10 64-bit or ChromeOS 80 or higher, the Logitech CAT5E Kit provides the necessary connectivity for an efficient video conferencing setup. With its diverse cable lengths, international adaptability, and seamless integration with Logitech Tap, this kit is a crucial element in optimizing your video conferencing infrastructure. Elevate your collaboration experience with the Logitech CAT5E Kit as part of your Logitech video conference kit.

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