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The AMO FirePro W8000 is a powerful professional graphics card available for workflows in CAD/CAE and Media & Entertainment environments. This high-end workstation solution is designed for professionals who require the V8fY best in computational power and performance. It's up to 4.5X as fast as competitive solutions in single-precision compute performance due in part to its innovative Graphics core Next (GCN) architecture. Effortlessly process challenging compute workloads. In addition, its 3D primitive graphics performance is up to 1.9X as fast as competitor offerings, delivering interactivity when working with large, complex models and faster render times. Equipped with a massive 4GB GDDRS frame butter, the AMD FirePro W8000 delivers l.5X more memory bandwidth than competitive solutions. With high performance computing (HPC) features like error correcting code (ECC) memory. it's the ideal choice for HPC workflows. Optimized and certified for Major CAD and M&E applications delivering 3.23 TFOPs of single precision and 806 GFLOPs of double precision performance with outstanding reliability for the most demanding professional tasks. AMO Eyefinity technology revolutionary multi¬display technology and using DisplayPort 1.2 outputs, AMO FirePro W8000 delivers the most immersive graphics/computing. supporting massive desktop workspaces, for superior productivity, digital signage, and much more, it can drive up to 6 independent displays using Display Port 1.2.

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