Intel E10G41AT2 10Gigabit Server Adapter – Ethernet Card - PCI Express x8-1 Port - 10GBase-T - Internal - Low-profile

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The Intel E10G41AT2 Gigabit AT2 Server Adapter is a high-performance networking solution designed specifically for server environments. It delivers fast and efficient Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with advanced features and reliability, making it ideal for data centres, enterprise networks, and other demanding applications. With its auto-negotiation capabilities, PCIe 2.0 x4 interface, and support for IEEE 802.3x flow control and VLAN tagging, this adapter ensures optimal data transfer rates, network congestion management, and enhanced security. It is built with Intel's renowned quality and reliability, making it a reliable choice for stable and consistent network connectivity in server deployments.
  • The E10G41AT2 Intel 10 Gigabit AT2 Server Adapter is a high-performance network card designed for use in servers and workstations. It provides a single RJ-45 port, which is capable of providing a maximum transfer rate of 10 Gbps. The card is designed to fit into a PCI Express slot and is compatible with a range of operating systems. In this article, we will explore the features of this network card in detail.
  • The E10G41AT2 Intel 10 Gigabit AT2 Server Adapter is designed to be compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and VMware ESXi. The card is also designed to work with a range of network protocols, including Ethernet and TCP/IP.
  • Connectivity you can count on. Compatibility tested for trouble-free interoperability with network infrastructure elements. Worldwide availability and environmentally friendly for compliance with global market requirements.
  • Intel E10G41AT2 10Gigabit Ethernet Card - PCI Express x8 - 1 Port - 10GBase-T - Internal - Low-profile. Interfaces: 1 X Network - Ethernet 10gbase-t - Rj-45. Compatible Slots: 1 X Pci Express 2.0 X8 - Low-profile.

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