Intel Core i5-10500- 6 Core CPU, up to 4.50GHz, VPro Support, FLGA1200, 12 Threads, Desktop Processor (Renewed)

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The Intel Core i5-10500, a formidable member of the Intel Desktop Processor family, sets a new standard for desktop computing with its powerful performance and advanced features. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of professional users and enthusiasts, this 6-core CPU delivers a seamless computing experience with VPro support, FLGA1200 compatibility, and robust multi-threading capabilities. At the heart of this desktop processor is a 6-core CPU, capable of handling complex tasks with ease. With a clock speed that can reach up to 4.50GHz, the i5-10500 ensures swift responsiveness for a wide range of applications. Featuring 12 threads, this processor supports efficient multitasking, allowing users to navigate diverse workloads seamlessly. VPro support is a standout feature, providing enhanced security and manageability for professional users. This technology enables remote management capabilities, ensuring a secure and efficient computing environment for businesses and enterprises. The FLGA1200 compatibility ensures that the i5-10500 is easily integrable into a variety of desktop systems, offering flexibility for users seeking to upgrade their computing power. With the ability to execute multiple threads simultaneously, this processor enhances overall system performance, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications. The Intel Core i5-10500 is not just a CPU; it's a powerhouse that embodies innovation, performance, and reliability for desktop computing.

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