Dell Precision 3260 Compact – i9-12900 (16 Cores, 5.1GHz), NVIDIA Quadro T1000, 2TB PCIe Gen 4.0 X4 NVMe, 32GB DDR5, GbE, Windows 11 Pro - Workstation (Renewed)

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  • Ignite your creativity and witness your designs come to life with the NVIDIA Quadro T1000 graphics card. From complex 3D modelling to detailed visualizations, this workstation's graphics prowess delivers exceptional clarity, realism, and performance. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, the Quadro T1000 opens the door to a new realm of possibilities, ensuring your every stroke and pixel is captured with precision.
  • Bid farewell to loading bars and time-consuming file transfers. The Dell Precision 3260 Compact Workstation offers an expansive 2TB PCIe Gen 4.0 X4 NVMe storage, propelling your workflow into overdrive. Access your projects, media, and data within moments, empowering you to work with efficiency and fluidity. Whether you're managing colossal datasets or crafting intricate designs, this workstation's storage capabilities ensure you're always steps ahead.
  • Seamlessly transition between resource-intensive applications and tasks with the 32GB DDR5 RAM. Experience unparalleled responsiveness as you weave between projects, rendering animations, compiling code, and analysing data. The substantial memory capacity ensures that your workstation remains agile, empowering you to juggle a multitude of tasks without compromising on speed or performance.
  • Fuel your collaborative endeavours with the reliability and speed of Gigabit Ethernet (GbE). Connect and communicate effortlessly with team members, share files seamlessly, and engage in video conferences without the frustration of lag or connectivity issues. In a fast-paced work environment, a dependable network connection is the backbone of effective teamwork, ensuring that you remain connected and productive at all times.
  • Step into the future of operating systems with Windows 11 Pro. Its intuitive interface enhances your workflow, allowing you to effortlessly manage tasks and applications. Seamlessly switch between different projects, create virtual desktops for better organization, and experience advanced security features designed to safeguard your critical work. With Windows 11 Pro, your workstation not only becomes more efficient but also more secure, protecting your valuable creations from potential threats.

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